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15M2 Frit Furnace
11-General Description:
Regenerative horseshoe flame tank furnace is used for 15m2 gas energy saving frit furnace. To save energy, full compound insulation technology is applied to the furnace body to reduce heat radiation. SIMENS deinterlace pattern is applied to the grid to improve heat transfer effect as well as to avoid dust blocking holes. Auto and manual control systems, with easy switch with each other, are applied to complete production from feeding to discharging and from combustion to commutation, to reduce consumption and make production stable and quality reliable. Manual operation is simple and convenient while auto precise, reliable and stable. Feeder with tappet arm enables feeding in a closure to reduce dust pollution to environment.

Description of Frit furnace design/窑炉主要部位设计说明:

1、熔化池/ Melting pool:
Area of 15 square meters of the furnace, fuel is natural gas, flame burning heavy oil flame compared to a short, rigid to be weak, kiln aspect ratios relative to take smaller, that is, 5400/2800=1.93.

2、池深确定/Chi Shen identified:
Daily discharge 24 tons/day, the feed rate of 1.6 t/m 2. In order to guarantee the quality of products for melting, increase the amount of stock is good for product quality, so pool deep 800mm, in order to save investment, reduce the next kiln maintenance costs, the pool wall located up and down the second floor, the upper selection WS-33-AZS, the lower selection PT-33-AZS (main part of selection of WS-41-AZS).

3、火焰空间确定/Flame space:
To make the flame entirely, guaranteed in the furnace pressure micro-pressure, reduce chest wall of flame and furnace arch in erosion, relatively more favorable increases space, chest wall height 1000mm. Chest wall shelf 150mm, independent support structures, chest wall and large furnace arch using zirconium mullet sintered brick, can guarantee the service life.

4、加料口确定/Feeding holes:
In order to speed up the powder melting velocity, feeding hole using pre-pool, shape of a trapezoid, zoom, a feeding hole only, feeding machine select the push arm type feeding machine, feeding speed by inverter, balanced seal feeding.

5、出料系统设计/Output system Design:
Material system of traditional retaining bricks compared with ordinary, but shorter service life, in order to extend the life of discharging system design uses fluid forms.

6、小炉设计/Small furnace design:
In order to ensure the flame coverage width, width of furnace design 800mm, size of small furnaces melting pool an area around 2.4%, each small mouth is located the second gas gun only, select the 23 degree angle in small furnaces. Keep the flame coverage guaranteeing flame intensity.

7、蓄热室设计/Heat-reserve chamber design:
In order to ensure the effect of heat, grid height is 40-storey, Checker Choose Siemens not staggered up and down, to prevent dust plug hole.

In order to extend the life kiln, on the wall near the material surface and throat parts cool cooling air force, especially to the kiln late effect.

In order to stabilize the production to ensure product quality, combustion and directional control, high precision, reliable operation. Another set of a manual control system, operation is simple. Both switches easier.

Energy-saving, furnace with covered-in-full-insulation technology.

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