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欣科联合贸易有限公司是Global Plant & Service SRL的独家代理。
SINCOZA UNION is the sole agent of Global Plant & Service SRL.
We are able to design, manufacture and commercialize Extrusion plant and packaging lines for aluminum profiles of High Quality and we supply technical support and spares for our clients.
The experience and knowledge of our technicians, experts in software and commissioning of machinery, which can provide after-sales support to help our clients to reach maximum performance and efficiency.
我们提供的铝型材设备有:热喷射长棒加热炉, 热锯, 旋转柱棒焊接机和热锯, 柱棒梯度水冷装置, 热剪, 模具炉, 型材淬火及冷却系统, 牵引机, 自动输送系统, 拉伸机, 型材锯切系统, 型材自动装框系统, 时效炉及高效软件系统。
We can supply below machines for aluminums profiles industry: billet heating furnace, heat saw, rotary billet welding machine and heat saw, billet stepping water cooling equipment, heat shear machine,  die furnaces, profiles quench & cooling system, puller/traction machine, Automatic conveyor system, stretcher, profiles sawing & cutting system, profiles automatic stacking system, ageing furnaces as well as software.
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